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Sustaining the future

Engineering solutions with geosynthetics -
ecologically, economically and socially sustainable

Engineering solutions with geosynthetics

When compared with conventional methods of construction, construction techniques with geosynthetics have frequently proved to be the most economic solution. Geosynthetic solutions also have considerable advantages with regard to carbon footprint levels. As the leading German manufacturer of geosynthetics, HUESKER is aware of its responsibility to preserve the environment and act accordingly. It has therefore allowed its sustainable practices to be evaluated by the University of Duisburg-Essen in accordance with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Guidelines.

Sustaining the future

Companies are increasingly being measured by the way they pursue the goals of sustainable development. The integration of economic, ecological and socially sustainable aspects in production and business processes is of prime importance to HUESKER and its cooperating partners.


Sustainability is measured by comparing numerous indicators. The assessment criteria are divided into six areas. In summary, our report concentrates on the ecological, economic and socially sustainable indicators.